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Have you reviewed the mike baron/Kelley jones deadman comics? I'm new to collecting comics and I'd like some insight from an obviously dedicated fan
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Deadman Misc, and a break….

I’ve mentioned this before, but when I started doing this blog my intention was to re-read and review the early Deadman stories to make sense of his convoluted continuity. He wasn’t being published enough to even dream it would be some kinda on going project.
My first post was in May 2011 and in the 10 years between 2001 and the Darkest Night series Deadman appeared in 58 comics (or there abouts) - and 12 of those were one page a week in Wednesday Comics.
But in the last two years alone Deadman’s been in 47 comics!

So since I meant this to be a somewhat limited project and not such an on going thing I’m gonna take a break for a year or so, then once I have more comics in the chamber I’ll up date the site then.
JLD #21 is a good cut off point, what with the Trinity War and change of creative team coming up.

Of course I’m very happy Deadman is being published so much, and I really hope someone will be able to get a regular solo series going for Boston Brand again.

For this “break post” i thought I’d share a few miscellaneous Deadman images & links, starting with this neat Neal Adams 1960’s comic ad.

This ad looks like it’s for his 2nd appearance -

The 1st parody I know of was from Not Brand Echh #13 (May 1969) & was drawn by Gene Colan.
Ladies & gentlemen, DeadPan

Then in What The—?! #2 (Sept 1988) there was Dead, Man

Here’s an ad for Showcase #105, a comic that was canceled and finally printed in an issue of Adventure Comics -

More nice Neal Adams art, from the 1970’s I believe -

Here’s a piece from the 1980’s mini -

More Garcia-Lopez art, From a DC Who’s Who I believe -

Hey, it’s a Kelley Jones trading card from the 1990’s!

I wanna thank Vivav for the heads up about a new Deadman toy, a Scribblenaut. I don’t really know what it is, but I’ll buy it when it comes out in January.

There’s tons of pictures of custom made Deadman toys, but this Mighty Muggs Deadman has always caught my eye -

And hey, there was a quick DM gag in a recent Cartoon Network episode of “Teen Titans Go!”. First broadcast on May 28, 2013 in the episode “La Larva de Amor” look what Robin spied when he went looking under Starfires bed -

And from the Venture Brothers cartoon on Adult Swim the villain Torrid at times looks distinctly deadman-y -

There’s also tons of Deadman fan art on line, here’s a nice piece from artist Yasmin Liang of Deadman & Death -

Here’s an imaginary cover to a non-existent Deadman #1 -

One of my favorite sites has a buncha fun never happened team ups & there’s a few Deadman ones -

Finally, here’s a few fun links -

Harry Potter meets Deadman fan fiction

And a Deadman Comic Book Legends Revealed -

Stay good lookin’, I’ll be back to pick you up later.

Justice League Dark #21 (Aug 2013)

W - Jeff Lemire & Ray Fawkes
A - Mikel Janin
I - Vicante Cifuentes
C - Mikel Janin

We start with Madam Xanadus vision of the future where she sees her son, Doctor Destiny, destroying the world, and she dies in the arms of Boston Brand, possessing Constantine.
Woah - Deadman & Xanadu, future lovers?
Oh yeah!
Back to the present Deadman possess Swamp Thing, which helps swampy free himself, then good old Deadman takes possession of the House of Mystery, which saves the day. My hero!
Believing that future will only bring destruction, Xanadu can’t bring herself to tell Deadman they are to become lovers. So she chops the shit out of her bad son instead, shutting him up.
As the comic ends Deadman attempts to keep Xanadu company, but she declines, and walks off alone.
Great stuff!

In Madam Xanadus vision of the future, there is love & death….

Back in the present, Deadman frees Swamp Thing -

This leads to the idea of “houses, I’ve never possessed a house before…”

Deadman, saving the day & trying to comfort the lady, but she just has secrets….

And chopping up her kid, she’s got that too.
Hell, some days you just got cut yer family up, am I right?

That’s my kinda lady.
So all is fine, but all are lonely….

This is my favorite issue of JLD so far.

GHOST OR NOT - pretty damn ghostie, for sure.

Love Links -

Justice League Dark #20 (July 2013)

W - Jeff Lemire & Ray Fawkes
A - Mikel Janin
I - Vicante Cifuentes
C - Mikel Janin

Doctor Destiny has Swamp Thing trapped, and nightmares are rampaging across Manhattan. The comic opens up showing an army of demons rampaging through the city. Man, I personally would hate to live in the current DC universe. It seemed like in the old days a mass killing/invasion would occur maybe once a year, but now a days it’s just Tuesday, time for your weekly apocalypse.

The Flash helps everybody out, and everyone is pissed at Constantines bad decision making, which allowed all this hell on earth fun to happen.

We first see Deadman being overwhelmed by his nightmares…….

Flash then saves the day and seems to have no problem seeing our ghost….

Did I mention people are pissed at Constantine?

By the end of the comic the good guys get their shit in one sock and are able to confront the villain, who seems to have a mommy complex when it comes to Xanadu, and Boston Brand is no help….

Part 3 is coming up next!

While I do have a few problems, things are still enjoyable, even with my ‘princess and the pea’ annoyances i have about Deadman being treated like a ……….

GHOST OR NOT? - The Flash, a very non-magical dude, can see, hear & interact with Deadman in a very normal manner, so no, not ghostly at all. One of the driving forces of the pre-52 Deadman was his inability to interact with normal people unless he possessed them, and then he had no access to thier memories - they were just blank meat sleaves for Deadman to wear. This meant Boston Brand was terribly lonely, and it made for a richer character.

I really wish they would address this - either go back to treating Deadman as he historically was depicted (an invisible ghost, only visible to powerful magic users or in other magical dimensions) or make him be able to control his visibility. The way he is treated right now is just damn lazy.

Linx -

Justice League Dark #19 (June 2013)

W - Jeff Lemire & Ray Fawkes
A - Mikel Janin
I - Vicante Cifuentes
C - Mikel Janin

Behind Constantines back Deadman is meeting with Steve Trevor at A.R.G.U.S., trying to get Deadman to join the actual Justice League? That’s weird.
Then Xanadu calls out to him, and Deadman shows up & gives the lady a little nudge nudge wink wink making the moves kinda talk. But of course Constantine shows up with bad news and we find out the the House Of Mystery was stolen from him, so he calls in Swamp Thing to help. Swamp Things attempts at finding the House opens up a portal to nightmares, so things start getting cray-cray for our peeps.
At the end of the comic even the Flash shows up.

Deadman highlights this time around…..

Deadman loves his burgers……

The actual JLA, really?

Xanadu calls, and Boston Brand brings the charm……

An introduction to the Swamp Thing? But, didn’t they already meet?

Oh, that’s right, time travel story.
Thanks helpful info box!

So nightmares take over everyone and Deadman’s is a circus? That would be his heaven, am I right here?

In my humble opinion this continues the enjoyable Justice League Dark comic, so thanks to everyone involved!

GHOST OR NOT - pretty damn ghostly this time around, I like the fact that Deadman had to possess someone to talk to Trevor - that’s how it’s done, chumps.

Link -

Phantom Stranger (Vol 4) #4, 6, 8 & 9

W - Dan Dido & J.M. Dematteis
A - Anderson, Cannon, Ha, Tan, Paz, Blanco
C- Gene Ha

Deadman & the Justice League Dark pop up in 4 Phantom Stranger comics cover dated Mar 2013 to Aug 2013.

in The PHANTOM STRANGER #4 the PS is basically minding his own business w/ his family when Constantine magically yanks him to the House of Mystery and tries to get the Stranger to join the Justice League Dark. PS declines and is pissed at Constantine for forcing him away from his wife, and when he returns he finds the babysitter dead & his family missing.
Yep, by pulling him away Constantine left the Phantom Strangers family defenseless. Good going, dick weed.

Deadman is completely disinterested in having the Phantom Stranger aboard, and when he tries to possess him against his will Deadman gets a nasty surprise.

And a bit later……

In PHANTOM STRANGER #6 we see PS searching for his still missing family, and he plays some demons a poker game in attempt to gain information & his attempt at using Deadmans aid backfires.

I do like the little bit at the end there, Deadman taking over a guy & putting the moves on the ladies - always the dog, that Boston Brand.

Come PHANTOM STRANGER #8 the mysterious one is found stabbed on the door step of the JLDs house. Except for taking a peek under the hood, Deadman doesn’t do much.

He’s even told in no uncertain terms to fuck off & ya can’t say that’s a very subtle bit there - I’m sorry they don’t need ya, Deadman, but I do!

In PHANTOM STRANGER #9 a recovered Stranger makes plans to go to hell to save his now located fam. Deadmans cameo is just a “hey, lemme warn ya”, then out.

This current PS series does go into deeper detail than I recall is normal for Phantom Stranger comics (and I do prefer a more mysterious approach), but over all I have been liking this stroyline.

We will return to Phantom Stranger comics later on, with #11 and the Trinity War, but we’re done for now.

Links, from the beyond…….

Swamp Thing (Vol 5) #13-15, Ann #1 

W - Scott Snyder
A - Paquette, Tuft, Rudy
C - Yanick Paquette

These comics are cover dated Dec 2012 - Feb 2013.

The Rot World epic was caused when the Green (Swamp Things mojo) and the Red (Animal Mans jam) were over taken by the Rot (which was controlled by Arcane). The Rot is basically death, and in this time traveling story the whole earth has been overrun by the Rot and Swamp Thing had lost a whole year due to being dumb. So in ST #13 he runs into Deadman and Poison Ivy in a future where pretty much the whole world is extinct or turned into a toothy monster.
Deadman agrees to help out by following Swamp Thing around.

Lets start with SWAMP THING #13 -

Deadman & Ivy don’t believe it’s really Alex Holland - he’s been missing for a year -

Identity confirmed, they take him to the last refuge of the Green -

The bad guys notice ST return and send in an army, Deadman just hangs out during the battle.

Then in SWAMP THING ANNUAL #1 it’s mostly a flashback issue & one again Deadman is just hanging around, just a pretty face.

Come SWAMP THING #14 the battle is still going on and ST gets really big and starts squishing the bad guys.

Deadman thinks that’s funny.

Then FINALLY Deadman does something useful and offers to lead Swamp Thing to Gotham City and a weapon.

Come SWAMP THING #15 our dudes are attacked by William Arcane, who’s part of the Rot and is a bad bad boy.

So Deadman jumps into him and….

What exactly happened? After these panels Deadman is no longer in the story & it was only by reading reviews of later issues that it became clear that when Boston Brand jumped into William Arcane the mix of the Rot plus Deadman destroyed them both.
It woulda been nice if that point was more clearly shown in the comic.

Continuity point - at the end of the story Swamp Thing goes back in time to before Arcane took over the Rot and stopped the whole plan before it ever began. So while ST remembers this, pretty much no one else does. So in the end this whole storyline doesn’t mean a damn thing. And that’s why I get really bugged by circular time travel stories - they’re pretty much all a cop out.
“Oh no - everyone’s dead! Oh, but not really, it’s an alternate time line!”
Yep, that really gets me emotionally invested.

As far as where this gets slotted into Deadmans personal continuity I’m not sure. Neither am I sure that these events will ever happen to the current Deadman since we’re dealing with divergent time lines and all of that kinda garbage. I will mention that JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK issues 9 - 18 is one continuous story so it would make sense to read these Swamp Thing comics after JLD #18, but in a lot of ways it doesn’t really matter.
Damn you time travel stories!

Links to the stars -

Justice League Dark #18 (May 2013)

W - Jeff Lemire & Ray Fawkes
A - Mikel Janin
C - Mikel Janin

Another story line comes to a satisfying conclusion, but as a Deadman comic book it’s pretty useless. All Boston Brand gets to do here is observe & complain.
The big heroes are Tim Hunter & Zatanna - as their big battle progresses the reality in the world they are visiting begins to crumble & the building crumple, killing thousands. So Zatanna stops a-battling and starts a-heroing, and then Hunters dad arrives and they siphon all the excess magic away, making everything hunky dory.
Once back in their normal reality the JLD give A.R.G.U.S. the finger and pose in front of the House of Mystery, house riding off into the sunset……

Deadman apparently can’t watch, nor can he possess anyone and help control their fall with his ghost acrobatics.

I guess his super power this issue is caring…..

But not caring too much….

As destruction is a-raining, Deadman just keeps on complainin’!

In his defense, he does speak up for Madam Xanadu…..

But in the end, he’s looking good in the final panel, i supPOSE.

GHOST OR NOT - well, he’s pretty insubstantial this issue….

Ok, sorry about all the snark, this is a good comic…..

Justice League Dark #17 (Apr 2013)

W - Jeff Lemire & Ray Fawkes
A - Mikel Janin
C - Mikel Janin

What we have here is somewhat simple - our guys are trapped, then they escape. Elsewhere Hunter (w/ Zatannas aid) leads an army of magic folk against the machine men. Also Tim Hunters dad is gonna cross over to help stop the impending doom.
Nothing’s exceptionally original, but you know the old saying - it’s not what’s done, it’s how it’s done.
And this is done just fine.

Here’s Deadman trapped -

And here’s Deadman freed -

And here Deadman say wha???????

GHOST OR NOT? - When he’s trapped by the tubes and wires he sure didn’t appear to be that ghostly, in fact he’s mostly non-ghostie this time around.

This is not the weakest link, good bye.